Thursday, December 10, 2009

Footzone - Greenhills, Philippines

After several stressful weeks at work, I knew I really had to unwind over the weekend. Among the things that I planned to do was swim, do yoga, sleep, and get a massage, since it's been more than a month since I last had a massage, and my body was longing for one.

So I went to Footzone in Annapolis, Greenhills, right across Choi Garden Restaurant, with my mom and youngest sister. We've been to this famous place for authentic Chinese style foot massage countless times, because we find its price reasonable and their therapists well trained. Rates start at around Php 500 (it's cheaper if you buy their coupons for 10 sessions) and increases depending on the therapists, since they also have Chinese therapists and one master therapist.

In my case, a local therapist would do, since I am only after some form of relaxation that would allow me to sleep. I usually requests for soft massage, since I don't really intend to torture myself with pain, as some people do, believing that the pain is an indication that something is wrong with them and that the massage is going to correct what's wrong with them. (Perhaps there is a grain of truth to that, but I prefer to relax and enjoy myself with a massage, so to each his own, please.)

We were led to our own room, which is good for three people, (since we requested for it, given that all three of us wanted to sleep. You see, the place is big with a common area at the center, though it does not seem so big from the outside.) We were also given our robes and then the session starts with dipping our feet in a foot massage basin filled with warm tea. The tea supposedly helps to clean the feet and remove odors prior to the application of massage oils.

While we dipped our feet in warm tea, the therapist would already proceed with a head massage then the arms, then the feet. Somewhere along that process I've begun to doze off, only to wake up with a change in position like moving so that I would be lying face down on the recliner for a back massage, then doze off again.

The entire session would last about an hour and 20 minutes, ending with a stretching session, which I love,as I feel it helps to give me greater flexibility after.

Sigh! I can only wish it wouldn't end so soon. But life has to go on and I have to face the harsh reality of life again as I walked out the spa.

Oh well, that's life, I just have to be thankful I had the chance to relax, even for just one bit.


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